Wheelabrator Technologies​ creates clean energy from everyday residential and business waste.

Wheelabrator Technologies is the second largest US energy-from-waste business, and is an industry leader in the conversion of everyday residential and business waste into clean energy. Wheelabrator Technologies has a platform of 23 power-producing assets across the US and UK — 19 energy-from-waste facilities (three under construction), four independent power plants as well as four ash monofills and three transfer stations. Wheelabrator Technologies currently has an annual waste processing capacity of over 6.8 million tonnes (7.5 million US tons), and a total combined electric generating capacity of 853 megawatts — enough energy to power more than 805,000 homes. Wheelabrator Technologies also recovers metals for recycling into commercial products.

The company’s vision To develop, deliver and realize the potential of clean energy speaks to Wheelabrator Technologies' ongoing commitment to the development of clean energy solutions for its customers and local communities. Wheelabrator Technologies is owned by Energy Capital Partners, an energy infrastructure-focused private equity firm. For more on Energy Capital Partners, please visit www.ecpartners.com. For more on Wheelabrator Technologies, please visit www.wtienergy.co.uk.