Responsible, Reliable and Proven

We are committed to bringing our many years of industry expertise to Wheelabrator Parc Adfer to deliver the highest standards of safety and operational performance. In addition our operations will be monitored within an extremely stringent set of regulations designed to protect our neighbours, staff, suppliers and the environment.

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Energy Recovery Process

The waste will be sourced from the region around the site and will include all of the municipal waste from five counties in North Wales who represent the North Wales Residual Waste Treatment Project. The facility is only permitted to use waste that is not suitable for recycling and that would otherwise be sent to landfill or exported to European energy-from-waste plants.

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Supply Chain Opportunities

The positive economic impact to the local area and the wider UK is expected to be significant both during construction and operations. Find out more about the supply chain and employment opportunities.

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How Energy-from-Waste Works

Energy-from-waste is recognised as having an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gases both through reduced emissions of landfill methane and offset of power generation from fossil fuels. In addition Wheelabrator Parc Adfer will recycle the ash for use in aggregates and recover metals for recycling. Modern EfWs are sophisticated facilities which safely and effectively convert heterogeneous waste materials into clean, renewable energy and useful by-products, while sustainably powering communities and protecting the environment.

  1. Combustion

    The waste material moves through a thermal (heating) process, where temperatures exceed 1110°C

  2. High Pressure Steam

    Heat from the combustion process heats water in boiler tubes to create high-pressure steam

  3. Electricity Production

    Plant turbines generate electricity that is sold to the National Grid Network to power homes and businesses

  4. Metals Recovery

    Additional metals are removed from the ash, which are sold and recycled into new products.

  5. Ash Recycling

    Bottom ash produced by Wheelabrator Parc Adfer will be recovered and reused as a secondary aggregate by the construction industry.

  6. Air Quality Control

    Gas passes through a fabric filter where particulates and remaining pollutants are removed. We will also adhere to strict limits on the creation of noise and odour by holding the facility under negative air pressure.

Parc Adfer Video

As part of our pre-construction survey work Wheelabrator Technologies has commissioned Flintshire-based M7Aerial to capture aerial footage of the construction of the Wheelabrator Parc Adfer facility.

The video gives you an idea of the scale of the proposed Wheelabrator Parc Adfer site and its surroundings.

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