Residents will be able to ask questions and find out more about the proposed new energy recovery facility for North Wales, as Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. (Wheelabrator) announces the start of its public consultation period. The energy recovery facility, which is being proposed for development on a former steelworks site at the Deeside Industrial Park, has been named Parc Adfer to reflect how it will help North Wales recover energy from its non-recyclable waste (Adfer meaning to ‘recover’ or ‘restore’ in Welsh). The proposed facility will be able to process up to 200,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household waste per year, generating electricity equivalent to the needs of around 30,000* homes. The facility will also create heat or steam, which could be piped to nearby users. Wheelabrator is proposing the use of proven technology for the site, with around 450 similar facilities already operating across the UK and Europe. Going beyond the typical requirements of the already stringent regulations, Wheelabrator has already committed to introducing additional air quality monitoring for the site, providing added assurance for local communities. In a boost for the local economy, the project will create around 300 jobs during the construction phase and around 35 full time jobs once the facility is operational. There will also be a significant number of opportunities for supply chain and business services – both during construction and throughout the 25 year operation. Examples range from maintenance, catering and landscaping to cleaning and office supplies. Wheelabrator, a world leader in developing and operating energy recovery facilities of this type, is putting forward these proposals following its appointment as preferred bidder by the North Wales Waste Residual Waste Treatment Project (NWRWTP). The Project sees five counties across North Wales (Conwy, Denbighshire Gwynedd, Isle of Anglesey and Flintshire) joining forces to find a solution for managing non-recyclable household waste over the next 25 years. Now, Wheelabrator is asking local residents and businesses for their feedback and the information gathered will help the team refine and improve its plans, ahead of submitting a planning application to Flintshire County Council later this year. Information will be available online from Monday 19th May and the consultation will run until Friday 11th July, with a series of six public exhibitions taking place in the first half of June:

Gary Aguinaga, Vice President, UK Operations at Wheelabrator, said:

This is our first opportunity to talk to local people about the technology we’re proposing and explain how we intend to build and operate this facility in a safe and responsible way. We want people to ask us questions - because that means we can start to address some of the concerns that have been raised and we can demonstrate how our experience and commitment to excellence will make this a state of the art facility that North Wales can be proud of. I’d encourage people to contact us, find out how they can get involved and ensure they make their views known.

A series of public consultations will give people the chance to see detailed proposals and talk to the Wheelabrator team. * Based on the industry average annual household consumption of 3,300 KWh of electricity and using a base load of 15MWe net export capacity utilised for 8,000 hours per year.